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Popular Types of Bathroom Sinks to Buy

While we often pay plenty of attention to bathtubs; we often skip on paying too much attention to the bathroom sinks. However, the fact is that from counter sinks to undermount sinks or vessel sinks; the choice of vanity sinks is immense. Let us throw light on a few of their popular types.

  • The wall mounted sink

This is a sink that you encounter almost everywhere. As it lacks any storage space; it works well with small spaces like powder rooms or small bathrooms. You often see this in combination with a medicine cabinet as compensation for storage space.

  • Self-rimming sinks/Drop-in Sinks

These are easy to install and are often placed over an existing counter. Their rolled and finished rim keeps them stable over the countertop. The reason this style is extremely popular is that it not only looks stylish and elegant but also does not require any alteration to your countertop. It not only complements any bathroom style but can fit in with any kind of material.

  • Undermount Sinks

As evident from their name; these are installed below the countertop for a smooth and seamless look. It is an excellent choice for solid- surface counters and adds a dash of charm and beauty to any décor. These are easy to customize as the countertop is cut to adjust to the depth of the sink. Because of this, replacing the sink can sometimes be a challenge.

  • Pedestal Sinks

These sinks are placed on a stand which supports its well. It is ideal for small spaces with no storage requirements. The good thing about this sink is that all plumbing pipes get covered inside the column and thus you have a very neat look.

Apart from these, you can also look into vessel sinks, apron front sinks, integrated sinks, console sinks, vanity sinks, etc. You just need to match your needs and budget with your bathroom layout.

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