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Interested In Rim Locks? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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While many like to disagree, locks contain unique and fascinating stories behind them. Their intricate design and working system makes them not only a good security feature but also a great decorative piece.

One common fixture in most homes, especially in older ones, is the rim lock.

Today, let’s discuss the amazing features and other interesting stories that make the rim lock a classic security tool.

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  • What Is A Rim Lock?

Rim locks, as the name suggests, are surface mounted locks. They are affixed usually by screwing it to a door’s surface. While most rim locks are heavy-duty and often made from materials such as cast iron, iron, brass, and nickel, these are not generally suited for entry doors. Instead, they make for an excellent lock for interior doors.

When it comes to installing a rim lock and its mechanism, there are quite a few misconceptions which often leads customers opting for a different lock variant. But although they aren’t recommended for front or entry doors, they have a great deadlock mechanism which ensures its security purposes.

  • A Few Tips

It’s important to remember that rim locks are not named after its purpose, but rather it carries its name due to its installation method.

Most rim locks use a spring-loaded sliding latch bolt while others use a deadlocking bolt. Some rim locks also have a combination of both mechanisms and are called rim sash locks.

You will notice that most rim locks are warded, which means that it offers better prevention towards unauthorized access.

  • How To Use A Rim Lock Properly

While the rim lock is not as prevalent as it was years ago, rim locks are still used in a lot of places. However, unlike in the past, rim locks today are commonly found on interior doors and shed doors which are often to thin for the traditional deadbolt or mortise locks.

Still, there are certain ways on how you can use and feature a rim lock’s mechanism perfectly. For instance, rim locks used in interior doors offer not only a good amount of security, but also a unique and intricate decorative piece.

Rim locks also work well as additional locks in combination with other varieties. It is especially recommended to use in conjunction with a deadbolt or a mortise lock for ensuring security when used for external doors.

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  • Parts Of A Rim Lock

A rim lock has a simple mechanism, especially when compared to other locks out on the market. Still, if you are interested in getting rim locks, it’s important to know its parts to understand its functions fully.

There are two main parts of a rim lock, the lock body, and the keeper. The lock body is usually made from cast iron, but substitute materials such as brass and nickel, have also been used. Inside the lock body is the spring loaded latch and the deadlock bolt.

The keeper is a companion piece to the rim lock body. Its purpose is to hold the latch and the deadlock bolt in place when the door is closed. It is directly fastened to the door jamb and is equivalent to a door strike and strike plate.

Other parts of the rim lock include the escutcheon plates and the privacy latch. The escutcheon plates are flat metal pieces to provide additional protection as well as some decorative flair. The privacy latch, on the other hand, is a unique feature that allows a rim locked door to be locked from the interior. Although, not all rim locks include a privacy latch.

Image Courtesy: www.locksmithsydney.com.au

Final Word

Although it has dulled through the years, rim locks are likely to remain in use for many years to come. While you cannot rely on it to give the strongest front door security, it still serves as a great lock for interior doors.

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