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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wood Burning Stove

With the freezing temperatures already upon us, more and more people are now searching for ways to get the most out of their wood burning stoves, and with this in mind today we are here to provide assistance, offering a range of tips for people to consider when looking to get optimum use out of their wood burning stoves.

All of the tips detailed below are designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of log burning stoves as well as tips on how to ensure stoves can live for as long as possible. Here goes:

Use the greatest firewood – When choosing firewood for your stove you should always look for firewood that has a low moisture content. You should consider using kiln-dried wood that often holds less than 8% water and can burn hot and long for long periods. If you are looking for firewood for sale in Fleetwood for example you should visit Harpers Firewood where you can buy kiln dried firewood at highly discounted prices.

Do not add too much wood – It is best to fuel your stove little and often ensuring that you do not block the stove’s air inlet by stuffing in too much wood. Doing this will allow for the ideal combustion rate.

Annual cleaning – All wood burning stoves require thorough cleaning at least once a year in order to work as superiorly as possible, and those that use their stove every day should clean their stoves more often than this perhaps twice per year or quarterly. If not cleaned stoves can build up a thick deposit and house fires can occur.

These are only a couple of the available tips too! If you want to learn even more amazing tips on how you can get the most out of your wood burning stove, do not hesitate to contact your local firewood or stove supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you.

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