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Buying new office chairs? Don’t miss these important aspects!

Even the best office chairs must be replaced after a point. If you are thinking of investing in new chairs, there are a few aspects to consider. Office-goers often complain about back pain, neck pain, posture issues and stiffness, which can be attributed to their lifestyle that requires them to work for extended hours sitting in the same chair. Buying quality ergonomic office chairs is not a choice for businesses, because the comfort of workers is related directly to productivity. Here are some aspects that must be considered.

What to look in a good office chair?

  1. Seat height adjustment. The same office chair would be used by many people in different shifts, so the height should be adjustable to accommodate users.
  2. Adjustable backrest. The user should be able to move back and lean forward as required, so the backrest of the chair needs to be adjustable.
  3. Lumbar support. This is particularly important for extended support for the lower back. Go for chairs that promise to offer lumbar support without any compromises.
  4. A comfortable seat. The seat offers direct support, and you want to be sure that the size and shape of it are ideal for every user. Also, check if the seat has enough cushioning and has a more natural upholstery.
  5. Insist on having armrests. Always buy a chair that comes with armrests, and the armrests should be adjustable if available as an option.
  6. A swivel base is necessary. Having a swivel base just ensures that the use can move around and get things done while being seated, and it can directly add to productivity.
  7. An extended backrest. Some chairs have a headrest, while others have an extended backrest – both being desirable features, because you want people to lean and rest in between for better work.

Where to buy office chairs?

You can check online for office chairs for sale from 123ink.ca. Online vendors have all sorts of chairs in different budgets, you can decide what works well for your business. Also, these websites have limited overheads, so the discounts and deals are extensive to say the least, and yes, you can expect to get quick shipping and easy returns when needed. If you are buying in bulk, check if there are any additional costs for shipping.

Think of office chairs as investments for the next five years or more and spend accordingly. An ergonomic chair is like an asset to every worker!

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