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Are You Sure You’re Recycling The Right Way?

While most people understand the concept of recycling, there have been many advances in science and technology that it’s probably better to keep ourselves up to date.

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Now don’t feel left out just yet. There are many advances in different topics and industries that it’s really difficult to keep track and practice the trend. However, it is also never too late to educate ourselves in what’s new, especially if it has a better result in the end.

The main question we need to deal with right now is if you are recycling the right way. So if you aren’t sure, here are a few things you should know.

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  • Plastic Bottle Caps Are Now Recyclable

Back in the days, when you hear the word “plastic,” everyone automatically assumes that it isn’t recyclable. You can probably do something with it for a while, but eventually, you’ll end up throwing all plastic materials in the dumpster.

However, thanks to modern technology, there has been a great improvement in processing equipment. Plastic bottle caps are now recyclable, and you can stop worrying about what to do with it at home. Still, be careful when disposing of them since it can end up in a landfill when going through a mechanical sorting line. Keep the caps screwed on the bottles when you sort your wastes.

  • Be More Mindful With Styrofoam

Styrofoam is made of a type of plastic that is harder to recycle. Although more recycling companies are being able to handle higher numbered plastics, most local recycling centers still deny accepting Styrofoam materials. Often, styrofoam will end up in a landfill and will stay there for around 500 years until it breaks down.

So, to avoid all the hassle, as well as to lessen the burden that we bring upon the environment, be more mindful with Styrofoam-made materials. Reuse Styrofoam packing peanuts and other items of the same material as much as you can before tossing them out.

  • Skip The Plastic Bags When Collecting Recyclables

While most of trying our hardest to recycle, or at least avoid items that are crucial for waste sorting, there are still a few out there who are simply confused about what to do. So, here’s a simple tip. When you sort or collect your recyclable items, forget the plastic bags. Instead, place all your recyclable items in recyclable packaging. Better yet, drop them off yourself or hire a professional team such as Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to pick up your recyclables.

  • Not All Shredded Paper Is Recyclable

Most of us feel proud when we shred all of our paper waste, and there’s no doubt that shredding gives us a sense of joy. However, while we think that shredding is the best method of recycling paper waste, it is not.

When the paper is shredded, it reduces the grade of the paper, thus lowering its quality and value. Apart from that, some recyclers only accept certain types of shredded paper.

To ensure that all your hard work put into shredding all of your paper materials, ask your local recycling center first regarding what type of shred is acceptable. You can also consider composting confetti-like paper.

image courtesy: extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au

Final Word

There are many misconceptions about recycling, especially since there is still not enough information about the subject. Consider these tips the next time you sort your wastes, and you might be more efficient in recycling.

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