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7 Signs Your Chimney Needs Some TLC

If you have a fireplace in your home, you will definitely love using it, especially during the colder months. It is a centerpiece to any home where the family can gather around and spend time bonding. Having a fireplace is also great for families that love to host.

When using the fireplace, maintenance and inspection are two things that are very important. Using the right wood and ensuring that everything is clean on the ground level that everyone understands. However, forgetting your chimney is definitely something that you should not do.

Below are 7 signs you might need a chimney sweep Winchester VA.

  1. Buildup of soot or creosote

Soot and creosote are two things that you have to look out for when inspecting your chimney. They can easily build up the more you use your fireplace. When they do build up, you have to make sure that they are cleaned as soon as possible to prevent fire hazards.

  1. Debris in your chimney

Finding debris in your chimney is a cause to be alarmed. Any debris, big or small, might start the spark that can become a headache later on. Not only does debris reduce the efficiency of your chimney, you might not know which one’s an extreme fire hazard in the first place.

  1. Old fireplace

If you recently moved into a new home, you might need to give your chimney some TLC. More often than not, homeowners don’t actually pay attention to the chimney before they move out. Other than revitalizing its appearance, you can also increase the efficiency of your fireplace overall after you give it some TLC.

  1. When was the last inspection?

If you can’t even remember when the last fireplace inspection was, you probably won’t remember when the last chimney sweep was. Make sure that you get your fireplace inspected at least annually. Chimney sweeping should be done on a case to case basis depending on how often you use your fireplace.

  1. Winter is coming

The colder months are fast approaching and you haven’t had your chimney swept yet since its battle to keep you warm last year. Don’t let your fireplace go through two winters in a row without getting cleaned. The ventilation and heating capabilities will suffer if you don’t give your chimney some TLC.

  1. Smoke going inside

The smoke from your fireplace should never go into your home. If the smoke starts going inside or you smell something from the other rooms in your house when you’re burning wood in the fireplace, then there might be something preventing the smoke from being properly ventilated. Put out the fire and get it inspected immediately.

  1. Rules and regulations updated

Was there a recent update in rules and regulations provided by the city council or homeowners association? Make sure to have the pros come over for a chimney sweep Winchester VA. This way, anyone who might come to inspect your fireplace won’t have to give you a note to have it cleaned only for them to come back at a later date.

No chimney lasts forever so it needs some TLC to make sure it functions optimally. Tap JCS Home Services for chimney sweep Winchester VA today!

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