5 Simple Steps to Falling Back in Love with Your Old Kitchen

The kitchen is not only a woman’s office in her home but also one of the busiest rooms that sees guests have meals and drinks every time they visit. Therefore, the room where you cook food and wash your utensils should cease to be a boring place. The beauty associated with the kitchen will always give the impression of class starting with the colour on the walls and the equipment found there. 
If you have that old kitchen that needs to be pimped up a little bit to bring back life, you have to put several efforts to do it. Though some of these endeavours might be costly, there are some cheaper options which will also give a lavish result. Here are some simple refurbish kitchen steps that will revamp your old kitchen to a fun-filled room – click here

Change the wall paint 
Change the paint colour on the wall to brighter shades that will help illuminate the room effortlessly even when there is not enough natural lighting from outside. Make sure that the colour chosen is not only durable but washable too. You can also change the previous tile designs and colour to match the kitchen equipment to add emphasis and beauty to the modified wall paint. 

Introduce live flowers in the kitchen 
Select a spot that will play base for a treat of weekly or daily fresh flowers if possible or better still have indoor plants in vases inside your kitchen. Together with the glossy kitchenware on display, the combination will bring a different outlook. Go for flowers that are less bushy and are attractive to the eyes. Alternatively, use bright kitchen wall hangings at strategic points on the walls to add on the decor. 

Have a change-over of the cabinet doors 
You can let go of the dark coloured wooden cabinets and drawers and replace them with a different set of brightly coloured ones. If the expense is a bit high, a simple change of the handles and repainting of the same cabinets and drawers in a different shade of colour will give them a different look and style from the previous. 

Declutter your kitchen 
Arrange all the kitchen equipment in an organised manner inside the cabinets or drawers making sure that they can easily trace them without re-arranging them. Ensure that you safely hide the old utensils and appliances. It will be attractive if nails or hooks on the walls are used to hang some cutlery, not only to create space on the surface but also aligning them for easy reach. Set on the surface beautiful and new kitchenware for display. 

Change the flooring outlook 
A terrazzo or wooden floor can make that difference especially in a kitchen, so if possible, have an extreme makeover of the flooring for that fresh look. However, you can still maintain the floor with additions of new floor rugs that are fluffy, soft to the eye and comfortable on the feet. Whichever way you opt, the colours you use should aim at adding light. 
It is evident that however old your kitchen might look, there is always something you can do to refurbish kitchen area and its surrounding. It does not have to be expensive, but you should embrace improvised and straightforward.

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