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4 ways to remove weed effectively from your landscape

A weed is an undesirable plant in your garden, field, landscape and more. They tend to grow aggressively and affect the natural environment negatively.

They compete with the current plants that are being placed in the landscape for sunlight, soil, water, and other materials essential for growth. It is also known to harm mechanic works like drains or roads. Thus, they must be removed.

1) Remove using your hands or tools


Using your hands to remove weed is a cost-free method but can be labour-intensive. Others might prefer using a tool like a screwdriver. Doing so regularly prevents weeds from reproducing itself by growing seeds.

To do it effectively, make sure that you take out the root of the weed. Also, put them in a trash bag to prevent seeds from scattering all over the ground.

For safety purposes, it is good to wear gloves while plucking out weeds. However, you might consider other methods if there are large amounts of weeds in your landscape.

2) Use a spray


Choose the correct spray to get rid of weed. Different kinds of weed require different types of chemical sprays. Generally, these sprays can remove broadleaf weeds easily.

3) Use natural liquids


If you want to do it as soon as possible without having to get a spray from a shop, you can boil water or put salt in water before pouring them on the spot that has weed. Alternatively, you can use vinegar that is also effective in ridding off weed.


4) Get professional help


Weed growth can occur repeatedly even after eradicating it. It is likely due to poor landscape design or maintenance. Landscapes with exposed areas and favourable sunlight encourage weeds to grow. Additionally, plants and grass in turfs that do not receive adequate nutrients become weak and tend to have exposed areas that encourage weed growth.

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