11 Practical Tips To Avoid Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems everyone eventually has to deal with at least once in their life. Just because they are common doesn’t make them less of a nuisance when they happen. Although a call to your local plumber Carrollton TX will help get rid of the clog in a jiffy, avoiding it in the first place will save you a lot of trouble and money.

Here are some practical tips to follow so that you don’t have to deal with a regularly clogged sink:

1 – Use A Strainer

Sinks without garbage disposal can get clogged very easily. The best way to prevent this is to place a sink strainer over the drain to catch all the food scraps. It is a simple device that does the trick!

2 – Cut The Grease And Oil

Clogged sinks can be due to throwing oil down the drain. Once it cools, the grease and oil can harden and cause a major drainage issue. Avoid pouring oil down the drain. Instead, place used oil in a sealable container and dispose of it in the trash can.

3 – Hot Water Remedy

Since avoiding grease and oil 100% is near impossible, melting it away with hot water helps. Simply pour hot water down your drain once a week to clear the pipes so that grease and oil do not collect over time.

4 – Avoid A Hairy Situation

As for bathroom sinks and the shower, try your best not to let too much hair go down the drain. A massive hairball can cause a major clog that only a plumber Carrollton TX may be able to fix.

5 – Clog Remover

Always have a bottle or two of your preferred clog remover brand. Invest in a brand that can handle everything from oil to clumps of hair so that it can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

6 – Clean Sinks Regularly

Cleaning the sink of any debris will ensure nothing gets stuck in the pipes to cause a serious clog.

7 – Limit The Use Of Toilet Paper

If it is possible, try to avoid flushing any paper products down the toilet. Too much can cause a clog and may even result in an overflowing toilet.

8 – Paint Is A No-No

Never pour or wash away paint on your sink as this will cause a clog and may even result in the need to replace the pipes.

9 – Dispose of Coffee Grounds Properly

Dumping and washing away coffee grounds on the sink makes clean up easier, but they will clog up the pipes. Throw your coffee ground into compost instead.

10 – Septic Tank Cleaning

Schedule the cleaning of your septic tank at least once every two years to prevent backups from happening.

11 – Don’t Rely On The Garbage Disposal Too Much

Instead of overusing the garbage disposal, just throw away the food scraps or start a compost pile at home. Exhausted garbage disposal won’t work properly and will eventually lead to a clogged sink.

Clogged drains and leaking pipes can be big headaches for homeowners. Our expert plumber Carrollton TX at Signature Plumbing is always ready to help.

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